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Deep Dialog Audits Online
Deep Dialog Audits are quick, accurate, and provide powerful insights into strengths and weaknesses in a relationship

What Do Deep Dialog Audits Do?
How does your organization compare with hundreds of other companies? How do you compare with thousands of global Audit participants? Test one of your relationships RIGHT NOW with our online demo.
Deep DialogSM Audits are used to measure the presence, depth and health of Drivers and Deficits in a specific relationship.

A Deep Dialog audit is an X-ray of the quality of the relationship an organization or group has with another (e.g., customers, suppliers, partners, etc.).

How Can Deep Dialog Audits Help Your Company?
A clear and accurate diagnosis of the relationship between groups can be obtained by comparing a group's Deep Dialog scores with the scores of survey respondents from GuideStar's Deep Dialog Normative Database. The diagnosis will quickly reveal the degree of health in a particular relationship.

Deep Dialog scores are highly accurate in predicting the degree of success and failure within project teams, customer relationships, employee relationships, joint ventures, mergers and other critical relationships and endeavors.

How is an Audit Conducted?
Deep Dialog Audits are quick, accurate and provide powerful insights into strengths and weaknesses in a relationship. GuideStar's Deep Dialog Audits are very easy and very quick to conduct. Audits are easy to set up and can be completed in days, not weeks. Deep Dialog Audits are:

  • Accessible online to eligible participants
  • Brief - requires completion of a 12-question survey that takes respondents 5-7 minutes to complete
  • Available in real-time for scoring and reporting purposes
  • Reports and recommendations are available online

Once an audit is complete, you get real-time access to the data using GuideStar's exclusive Deep Dialog Online Report Center, which displays relationship scorecard reports and analyses for any size group or organization.

Deep Dialog Scores
The health of a particular relationship can be represented by a Deep Dialog score. This score is determined by taking the average score of the seven Deep Dialog Drivers and the five Deep Dialog Deficits. The gap between Drivers and Deficits is what determines the quality of the relationship; specifically, the bigger the gap, the better the relationship. A large gap signifies that the relationship has a high Driver score and a new Deficit score.

By conducting Deep Dialog Audits on a periodic basis, teams, groups and organizations can improve their chances for success and reduce their chances of failure significantly. Because Deep Dialog Audits are relatively inexpensive and can be conducted quickly, it is a diagnostic tool that every organization should consider when assessing the quality of relationships with team members, vendors, customer and employee groups, distributor networks, alliance partners, etc.

Next Steps
The Deep Dialog Audit is just the first step in improving the quality of organizational relationships. While for some organizations, the Deep Dialog Audit on its own may be sufficient to get people on the right track toward improving relationships, GuideStar provides a number of services to assist your organization to leverage the Audit results to achieve maximum success.

Services to help your organization improve the quality of relationships include:

  • Deep Dialog leadership counseling and development sessions for senior management
  • Multi-level training and development competency workshops for groups at all levels, where individuals and groups are advised on Deep Dialog strategies and competencies
  • Advice and guidance from Deep Dialog experts on how to develop action plans for improving relationships
  • Executive and/or group presentations to share the audit results and action planning
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