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Deep Dialog Drivers and Deficits
How does your organization compare with hundreds of other companies? How do you compare with thousands of global Audit participants? Test one of your relationships RIGHT NOW with our online demo.

Deep DialogSM is comprised of two separate "processes": Drivers and Deficits.

Drivers are seven constructive processes that are essential for healthy relationships and are found among people who work together and produce successful outcomes.

Deficits are five destructive processes that negatively impact relationships and frequently occur in relationships with serious problems. Deficits are barriers to communication.

The Deep Dialog process measures the extent to which relationships are made up of these Drivers and Deficits. Relationships that have high scores on Drivers and low scores on Deficits are usually characterized by people who are able to:

  • Successfully bridge differences
  • Bond with others
  • Collaborate as partners with mutual trust
  • Respect each other and share knowledge freely
  • Foster high levels of cooperation and innovation
  • Share strong mutual commitments to carry out specific tasks and projects

Organizations with a Deep Dialog culture are able to interact productively with all of their stakeholder groups, find competitive relationships and tend to be more successful than other organizations.

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