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How does your organization compare with hundreds of other companies? How do you compare with thousands of global Audit participants? Test one of your relationships RIGHT NOW with our online demo.

Online meetings, conferences and forums present special challenges to an event manager that in-person events can more easily address because of the inherent live interactions and built-in dynamics of such gatherings.

Until recently, event managers did not have a proven measurement method and the online reporting technology to conduct in-depth, quality assessments of their online conferences and forums.

Issues associated with these online meetings can pose critical challenges:
E-conference participants are usually isolated from each other in different locations and not in face-to-face communication with each other.

E-forum participants may be engaged in the online dialog at different times, coming and going as they choose over weeks or months as they react to and contribute to the dialog.

Now, Deep Dialog Audits online enable event managers to address these online challenges and effect improvements in these critical areas in real time, during their online events and event programs.

Major Challenges of Online Events

  • High-quality dialog
  • Productivity of collaboration
  • Enhancement of relationships

Optimize Online Conferences and Forums with Deep Dialog Online Audits

Though e-conferences are of relatively short duration, say a few hours to a few days, many occur regularly or intermittently during the year. Improvements in dialog quality and in productivity of collaboration and relationships can be accomplished using online Deep Dialog Audits on a regular basis before or after each conference. Given the longer, ongoing duration of e-forums, measurements and improvements of dialog quality, productivity of collaboration and relationships are relatively easy to accomplish. Deep Dialog Audits online can be employed periodically to measure, recommend and track improvements over the course of the e-forum. Deep Dialog Audits online and real-time reporting and recommendations are perfectly suited to meet to meet these challenges. Here's why:

  • Deep Dialog Audits online can be completed online in 5-7 minutes
  • You get real-time online reporting of Deep Dialog scores plus specific explanations of the meaning of scores
  • You get real-time, actionable recommendations tailored to the specific scores and score patterns
  • Use the results to enhance the quality of dialog, collaboration and relationships among event participants

The bottom-line - improved online conferences and forums that produce optimum results. GuideStar's expertise as a pioneer and innovative leader in the large group meeting productivity field and online survey report technology, combined with Dr. H. V. Perlmutter's unique Deep Dialog processes, has produced a unique, validated method for improving the quality of online e-conferences and e-forums.

To learn how Deep Dialog can assist you to improve your next online e-conference or e-forum, contact us or by call Ira Kerns, Managing Director of GuideStar Research, at 212-426-2333.

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