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Deep DialogSM Audits - Real-Time, Online

What is Deep Dialog?
It's an essential, statistically-proven research tool you can use to determine the quality, health and productivity of your communications and relationships. Developed by Dr. Howard V. Perlmutter and used exclusively in the U.S. by GuideStar Research, Deep Dialog presents highly accurate information about your relationships between groups and organizations; i.e., employees, customers, alliance partners, joint project teams, post-merger integrations, cross-cultural endeavors, etc. Deep Dialog audit scores are analyzed against the findings in a normative database containing more than 4,000 companies worldwide and are highly predictive of success and failure of the productivity of the relationship being examined.

Deep Dialog is surprisingly affordable and easy to use. And, coupled with GuideStar's exclusive Online Report Center, you get a comprehensive tool for analyzing, reporting and tracking the health of all your business relationships.

Try Deep Dialog’s online demo now.
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How It Works
Deep Dialog presents audit participants with a short, penetrating set of questions that produce an "x-ray" of the DNA of the relationship at hand. It also defines specific areas of success and failure in the relationship. When you leverage Deep Dialog, you're not only gaining an accurate gauge of the overall health of communications in your organization - you're getting the ability to slice and dice your results in ways that are most meaningful to you.

Using GuideStar's exclusive Online Report Center, populated with your Deep Dialog relationship scorecard results, you can:

  1. View results in real-time; you don't have to wait for a report to be generated
  2. Create a user-friendly, very attractive and flexible report format
  3. Print and e-mail reports with ease
  4. View the Deep Dialog score quickly online, so that you can use it for small projects/teams right when you need it (you don't need to wait for an expensive and time-consuming company-wide initiative)
See it in action now by trying our online demo.

More Details
With Deep Dialog, you measure the strength of seven essential drivers that produce healthy, constructive, collaborative relationships.

Measure the degree of weaknesses - five communication deficits that can undermine and ultimately destroy a relationship.

Diagnose the Quality of your Most Important Relationships

Compare your group's Deep Dialog scores and score patterns with those of tens of thousands of other business people in GuideStar's world-wide Deep Dialog normative database.

Learn how your scores match up to the standards of collaborative relationship excellence validated through years of research with hundreds of organizations worldwide. Receive specific guidance - recommendations of the actions and behaviors you and the people in your group or organization can do to improve their relationship's productivity and success. Understand how to strengthen the seven key driver processes and reduce or eliminate deficits in your key business relationships.

Increase your chances of success - enjoy the prosperity and pride that results from successful customer and employee relationships, alliance partner and network relationships, project team success, new product introductions, mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations, etc. Reduce your chances of failure - avoid the kind of massive costs and losses that result from failed relationships with groups that matter most to your success, projects, product introductions, mergers, reorganizations, etc. Online Deep Dialog questionnaires - completed in a few minutes efficiently measure each of the critical processes in a healthy relationship.

Deep Dialog scores, diagnostic analyses, explanations and specific recommendations on how to improve the scores are presented in easy to understand graphs, charts and text.

Experience a Deep Dialog Audit Demo Now
Take a few minutes now to test the quality of one of your current key relationships - or find out why one of your relationships or projects may have failed or succeeded.

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