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Relationship Research
Process Overview
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Drivers, Dimensions & Strategies
Phase I

Relationship improvement is an iterative learning process. On the Establish the Baseline page, discovery research provides an initial understanding of the drivers, or principal components, that drive a given relationship and the degree to which a client is succeeding or failing on those components. It establishes the baseline.

Phase II research focuses on a deeper and broader examination of each of the key relationship drivers and their individual dimensions. Both qualitative and quantitative research is utilized.

Qualitative research in the form of in-depth interviews is conducted to explore and further define the specific drivers and their key dimensions. Phase II interviews and/or focus groups provide a deeper and broader understanding of quality of each of the key drivers affecting the relationship.

A Phase II tracking survey is then conducted to compare Phase I survey results on benchmark questions and to establish rating levels on the new questions developed from the Phase II interviews.

Phase II research:

  • Deepens our understanding of the relationship profiles

  • Validates our definition of key drivers and dimensions

  • Provides a solid knowledge base of findings on which to build
    a comprehensive plan for strategic relationship improvement over time.

After Phase II research, GuideStar consultants analyze the data, establish goal ranges and prepare key findings summary reports plus a Strategic Relationship Improvement Plan for our client's consideration. Based on Phase I and Phase II research, the comprehensive plan identifies specific tactical and strategic initiatives to improve ratings on all the key drivers and dimensions in the relationship.

Phase II research results may present significant challenges to client leadership. Relationship improvement with a key group such as customers may require making changes in the way the company does business; organizational changes, process changes, service and services changes, product changes and operating style among others.

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