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Process Overview
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Trends & Refinements
Phase II
Tracking Relationship Improvement Trends and Refinements

Qualitative research may or may not be needed in Phase III, depending on the feedback from Phase II research. However a Phase III tracking survey is necessary to identify and examine trends. The third-year survey findings, when compared with the first two years of data, provide three data points on a timeline, which statistically defineS a trend.

Scientifically valid trend information is now in place that accurately reveals prior and current levels of the quality of the relationship on all key drivers and dimensions - a clear, precise relationship profile is now available upon which leadership can set priorities and make tactical and strategic decisions for continued improvements and refinements in the relationship.

At this stage, leadership has profound clarity on what drives the relationship and what's most important to achieve the greatest gains.

Beyond Phase III -
Tracking Continuous Improvement and Relationship Refinement

Though a great deal is now known about the relationship's key drivers and dimensions, periodic tracking surveys should be conducted to assure that the relationship is continuing to improve towards the established goal range, or remains in the goal range, and that specific refinements based on the research are implemented to enhance the relationship's value.

Enterprise-Wide Relationship Improvement
Though GuideStar's relationship improvement process may initially be applied to one primary relationship such as the customer relationship, the process can be quite effective in achieving even more robust results when applied concurrently with more than one key population relationships such as with employees.

GuideStar Proprietary Relationship Measures Methods and Processes
For competitive reasons, details of our relationship tools and technologies cannot be divulged on this public Web site; however, qualified prospects and clients, upon signing an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) with GuideStar, are provided with a full understanding of these unique, powerful, proven relationship research tools. To start this process, contact us today.

GuideStar's relationship measures, methods and processes have been validated by the survey results of tens of thousands of survey respondents in our normative databases, as well as by our satisfied clients.


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