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GuideStar's 360 Feedback Services

GuideStar can help you with large scale, full-service 360 programs, as well as individual surveys. GuideStar's professional staff and associates, some of whom are Ph.D. psychologists, can work with you to design and implement a 360 feedback project from start to finish.

Data Collection
One of the most important aspects of a 360 program involves collection of employee data. GuideStar's data collection services include:

  • Professional assistance with question development, or use of existing questions
  • Fast deployment
  • Online, confidential, password-protected participation
  • Quick, convenient service for participants
  • The ability for program administrators to monitor the response rate of each 360 survey and decide when to close a survey and start reporting the data out
  • 24 /7 survey support and technical support
  • Hosting on the GuideStar Web site, combined with paper questionnaires for participants not internet-enabled

360 Reports
Once the raw data, composed of multiple survey scores, have been collected, the data is processed and displayed in comprehensive, user-friendly 360 reports. These reports present survey results in easy-to-understand graphical, table and text format that are reported via GuideStar's Online Report Center. The reports can be printed from your computer, in real-time, as well as e-mailed to ratees.

Reports can be customized based on your needs. Additional features that you can incorporate into your 360 reports include multi-year, comparative reporting, actionl planning tools, comparisons with specific groups’ scores and/or the overall organization’s scores, and use of client or public normative data.

Program Services
There's a lot more to a 360 degree feedback program than just the survey itself. GuideStar can help you run a smooth 360 program by assisting you with:

  • Counsel with pre-program communications
  • Post-assessment reporting
  • Performance improvement meetings
  • Goal-setting sessions
  • Setting action plans and development plans based on survey results

GuideStar's professional staff can support your 360 program from start to finish, ensuring its success and ensuring a high return on your investment. To see how we've helped other clients, browse our Project Briefs.


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