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360 Feedback Surveys Overview
360 Degree and Upward Feedback Surveys and Reports
Organizational effectiveness requires strong competencies, solid talent, and aligned behavior throughout the entire organization, especially across key positions. 360 degree feedback is an effective, strategic means of gathering information about individual and organizational behavior, while heightening employees’ awareness of critical competencies, successful behavioral patterns, and performance elements consistent with the organization’s most important goals and Core Values.

Value of 360 Feedback
360 degree and upward feedback programs are powerful tools for employee assessment and employees’ professional development, managers and leaders at all levels, work groups and entire organizations.

An important feature of any 360 degree feedback process is that it provides a holistic account of how an employee is behaving across key competency domains. Multiple raters, including the employee’s manager, coworkers, direct reports and others, provide feedback on critical dimensions, resulting in an assessment that is more complete and accurate than if information had been obtained from a single source.

Some benefits of 360 feedback include:

  • Quick, low cost and confidential when completed online
  • Comprehensive, credible and helpful for employees who receive it
  • Specific information and insights about key behavioral components that will help the employee being rated to clearly focus on the next steps needed for his/her professional development
  • Accurate and relevant feedback that is both quantitative and qualitative
  • Results can be viewed in real-time
  • Reports can be printed and/or e-mailed as soon as survey period closes

How 360 Feedback Works
In a 360 degree assessment, an employee's manager, coworkers and direct reports complete a survey about the employee's behaviors at work. In more complex assessment, the assessment process also includes the feedback of indirect supervisors, customers/clients, vendors, and other relevant stakeholders. Employees also rate themselves on the same survey. Ratings are combined to provide overall scores about the employee's performance. Raters are also able to offer written comments about the employee being rated. The rating information is consolidated in a user-friendly summary report that can be printed and used by employees to improve their current performance and address development goals.

GuideStar can help you with your 360 feedback needs by designing and programming an assessment survey, collecting and managing data, and effectively reporting results using GuideStar's Online Report Center.

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