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Research & Consulting Overview

At GuideStar Research, we specialize in helping you build strong, engaged business relationships with the people and groups who matter most to your business success, your employees, customers and network partners. Throughout our more than 15 year-history, our team of experts has developed and refined proven methods of measuring and diagnosing how engagement impacts organizational effectiveness and the organization’s bottom line.

To learn more about how we do what we do, browse our key site areas focusing on Research & Consulting:

Services That Will Build Engagement in Your Workforce

Do your employees engage with passion? Do they innovate, work hard, overcome obstacles, aim straight at the highest results, act with integrity, display ambition and leadership? Do they value and facilitate teamwork? We can help you with proven research solutions that will build strength, inspiration, passion, and commitment in your workforce. Start a cycle of positive outcomes by choosing the intervention that best fits your needs. Remember: Results that matter lead to self-sustained organizational effectiveness.

Employee Engagement Research: GuideStar has more than a decade of experience in developing and implementing employee engagement research for large and mid-sized companies. Our tailored research programs are strategic interventions that not only measure and strengthen employee engagement, but help our clients increase employee productivity, commitment, and innovativeness.

360 Feedback Programs: 360 degree assessments are the building block of any organization’s talent development initiatives. Leaders, managers, and individual contributors who participate in these programs receive empowering feedback, while the organization acquires critical information about current talent gaps, knowledge networks, and untapped growth potential.

Teamwork and Collaboration Research: Our proprietary diagnostic system determines the quality, health, and productivity of communications and relationships between groups and organizations; i.e., employees, customers, alliance partners, joint project teams, post-merger integrations, cross-cultural endeavors, etc. Our most basic research intervention quickly generates profiles of collaborative behavior. Each profile is analyzed against a normative database containing over 4,000 companies worldwide to predict the success and failure of the relationship being examined.

Internal Communications Audits: Our communications audits present an objective and in-depth analysis on the effectiveness of your internal communications to determine what is working and what is not – and why. An audit can be widely focused, covering all stakeholder groups, or more narrowly focused on one or more groups such as customers, employees, investors, the community, etc. It can also be limited to one or more specific communication programs. One of our specialty areas – measuring the performance and value of key communication events – provides our clients with a set of simple, elegant, and high-return solutions to determine how effectively their strategic communication initiatives create internal alignment, sustain employee motivation, and strengthen critical communication channels.

Change Management Services: Transforming Vision into Action

Not only is change a distinctive feature of the 21st century enterprise, but it is also one of the key ways in which organizations secure their continued effectiveness and competitiveness. At GuideStar, we recognize that each organization is a unique culture facing a set of clear, distinct, internal and external challenges. For this reason, we devise highly customized change management interventions.

Our change management approach builds on the premise that internalized, personal commitment needs to occur in a critical mass to generate the behaviors needed to make change a reality. There are three interlocked gears in this process: the act of focusing; the act of energizing; the act of reinforcing.

From a skillful assessment of the hidden barriers to change, to an artful design of impactful communications, to a precise planning of the execution phase, we offer our clients a smart, comprehensive set of interventions to help them achieve organizational change effectively, efficiently, and successfully. Learn more about our Change Management Methodology and Services.

Change Management Plan: We develop plans that include a step-by-step description of the specific set of activities and milestones that are needed for moving an organization from its current state to the new desired state.

Organizational Readiness Audit: We enrich the art of change management with the background and texture provided by insightful and accurate research. Our change readiness audits focus on attitudes and behaviors and are specifically designed to identify pain points and strengths, as well as potential change agents and barriers to change.

Change Management Communications: Change begins when a powerful and clear vision is communicated using the right mix of messages, media, and tools to bring about understanding and agreement, the catalysts for initial action. We help our clients to put together a solid and impactful communication program to build the level of understanding, internalization, and commitment necessary to ensure real behavioral change across the organization as a whole. Our communication programs are designed to achieve two key outcomes: bring management onboard; bring employee onboard. In this context, we typically employ a cascade-down approach that powerfully reverberates across all organizational levels, sustained by the strength of an increasingly large network of champions and change agents.

Change Management Process Consulting: We provide our clients with ongoing consulting over the life of the transformation program to assist in providing and designing timely recommendations for mid-course corrections during implementation. This type of services also include qualitative and quantitative surveying as appropriate during the process to assure leadership has the necessary information about how and why key stakeholder groups are responding, adapting, and supporting the implementation of the desired changes.

Desired State Evaluation: Though the process of change unfolds on a continuum of adaptive behaviors by the people in the organization, it has to achieve specific goals. The Desired State Evaluation is set as a milestone for when the plan’s overall strategic changes and organizational transformation outcomes are expected to have been achieved.

Services That Will Strengthen Your Competitive Edge

We view organizational effectiveness as an essential prerequisite for achieving customer satisfaction, loyalty and engagement. We recommend that our clients build an inspired workforce in order to create an ever-growing network of satisfied clients/customers and partners. In this domain, having the right knowledge is tantamount to success. Turning your customers into your strongest supporters, ensuring they feel respected and appreciated, continuing to surprise your most loyal base while attracting new-comers requires artful fine-tuning and in-depth insights. Our solutions will help you attain these goals but also achieve so much more. At the enterprise level, we articulate the value chain that delivers real growth for your business by linking employee engagement to customer satisfaction and customer engagement.

Customer Satisfaction/Loyalty & NPS Programs: For customer relationships, nothing is more important than increased loyalty and satisfaction that results in measurable increases in new business generated by repeats and referrals. GuideStar's expertise in this area helps you achieve these critical goals. We offer our clients a gamut of interventions, from simple NPS pulse measurement to enterprise-level programs that link employee engagement to customer satisfaction.

Distributor & Partner Network Surveys: These networks are critical to success in many industries. The First Customer in the network (the wholesaler/reseller) has to "buy-in" to the product or service, and enthusiastically invest in reselling it. If the manufacturer or service company doesn't win the hearts and minds of this network, their business will not prosper. We provide comprehensive First Customer Network Surveys to help measure the quality of these critical business relationships which drive your business success.

Strategic Pulse Research Service (SPRS): SPRS is a streamlined solution that delivers accurate results efficiently and at affordable prices. The basic service delivers findings in 4-6 weeks. It includes survey preparation built from a set of core indices that examine the essential dimensions of organizational performance, data collection, online indices snapshot reports, quantitative analytic reports, content analysis of open-end comments, and a key findings summary. If you need a quick, intelligent analysis of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses, an insightful look at key strategic areas, this is the service for you.

Strategic Advanced Research Solution (SAR): Building on the SPRS, our enriched Strategic Advanced Research (SAR) solution provides clients with comprehensive answers to fundamental questions, but also helps them to address more complex organizational issues. For example, a core component of our system of metrics and analytics, the AREA (Adaptability, Resourcefulness, Engagement, Ambassadorship), pertains to an area of diagnostics that characterize winning organizations marked by high organizational effectiveness and great adaptability. Using a sophisticated analytical approach, not only can we help you diagnose the health of these important outcomes, but we can help you understand how they impact you bottom line and identify which organizational interventions are bound to generate the highest ROI for your organization.


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