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Call Center Surveys, Help Desk Surveys and Customer Support Surveys
Who represents the human face of your business? Quite likely, it's your Call Center, Help Desk and Customer Support departments. These critical groups often represent the front line between you and your most important business relationships.

Prompt, courteous resolution of issues can convert potentially dissatisfied customers into satisfied customers - not to mention its ability to preserve and even enhance your relationships with groups who are most critical to your success. Indeed, one classic consumer study showed that customers who had resolvable issues were more satisfied than were those who had never had an issue at all!

Evaluate Critical Customer Interactions
Do you have positive customer support relationships with your customers? GuideStar Research can help you to evaluate your customer interactions in real-time. We can identify your strengths and weaknesses, within and across areas of support, and provide you with feedback on how each of your support personnel stacks up when it comes to the important task of meeting customer needs.

Our surveys provide you with feedback at multiple levels, from satisfaction with your overall level of support, right down to specific support queues, individual products or areas of support, and individual technician performance. Tracking your progress over time is as simple as a mouse-click. And, with the ability to drill-down to:

  • Individual locations
  • Support queues
  • Support staff

You can identify the areas to target to maximize customer satisfaction.

Related GuideStar Services
You can link your system to our Survey Message Management System (SMMS) so that each closed issue generates an automatic survey invitation. Once completed, each survey response is included in our Online Report Center (ORC) so that you can view real-time data organized into easy-to-read charts and tables that are tailored to your management structure.

Because support interactions are brief, so are our support surveys. Generally, these surveys include fewer than 20 items and can be completed by customers in a matter of minutes. You can collect information using multiple-choice survey questions and customer comments, all of which can be displayed on your desktop or downloaded to Microsoft Office products for inclusion in reports or presentations.

To learn more about the flexible, powerful ways we work with you to enhance your customers' experiences - and solidify your business relationships with them - visit our Technology & Demos section, where you can browse through our exclusive offerings and see demos of our products and services in action.


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