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Communications Measurement Levels
Level I Communications Design
Assessing the quality and adequacy of information

  • Target populations
  • Situation analysis (adequacy of background information base for
    designing program)
  • Program goals and objectives
  • Appropriateness of message and activity content
  • Quality of messages and activity presentations
  • Number of messages or media and number of activities designed
Level II Communications Implementation
Documenting the adequacy of tactics and effort
  • Number of messages/media placed/distributed and activities implemented
  • Number who received messages and participated in activities
  • Numbers whose attention was gained (awareness)
  • Numbers who comprehend (learn) the message(s)
  • Numbers who retain (recall) the message(s)
Level III Communications Impacts
Feedback on results and outcomes
  • Number who comprehend
  • Number who hold specific opinions and why
  • Number who hold specific attitudes and why
  • Number who behave in specific ways and why
  • Number who comprehend
  • Number who change opinion and why
  • Number who change attitude and why
  • Number who behave as desired and why
  • Number who repeat behavior and why
  • Social and cultural change



*A pre-communication baseline set of data is required for tracking and comparison purposes

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