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The Core-7

The Core-7 are the measurable and quantifiable personal dimensions of people who are affected by communications (reading, viewing, interacting, listening, etc.) These Core-7 dimensions are used as the framework of GuideStar's research, measurement and communications design and development services.

The Core-7 Communications Dimensions

  • Knowledge - Understanding - Perceptions
  • Opinions - Attitudes - Beliefs
  • Issues - Concerns - Feelings
  • Needs - Preferences
  • Abilities
  • Intentions
  • Behaviors/Business Results

Applying the Core-7 Dimensions
Pre-Communications - In the first stage of the Communications Cycle, research and measurement of participants' Core-7 Dimensions are conducted using structured, confidential in-depth interviews, focus groups and/or surveys. Findings are synthesized into measurable communications objectives. These enable creative communications professionals to design and produce precisely focused, cost-efficient, high-value communications.

Post-Communications - In the fourth stage of the Communications Cycle, the shifts in participants' Core-7 are researched, measured and calculated to precisely determine the impacts of their communications experiences.

GuideStar Research prepares a Return on Communications Investment Report that presents the findings in easy-to-read graphic format with an executive summary. Communications managers know exactly how well their communications are performing and the return on their investment. Equally importantly, they then possess the necessary information to develop targeted, follow up initiatives.

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