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Strategic Literacy
Enhancing the Organization's Performance

Building the Baseline
One of the most elusive yet critical goals to achieve in today's business environment is a high level of strategic literacy throughout an organization.

When people possess a clear understanding of the strategic direction, priorities and realities of the business, and they focus their day-to-day job performance on achieving these primary strategic objectives, the chances of winning in the marketplace are greatly enhanced.

Internal communications is responsible for assuring that everyone in the organization possesses an acceptable level of strategic literacy; the essential Body of Knowledge (BOK) about the company, its business, the competitive environment, the organization's strategic imperatives and their individual role in contributing to the achievement of the strategies.

Assuring Strategic Literacy requires:

  • Definition of the strategic Body of Knowledge (BOK) - Strategic Literacy
  • Assessment and measurement of the level of understanding of the BOK and
    strategic behavior of everyone in the organization
  • Development and implementation of communications and training designed to
    elevate everyone's BOK and behavior to acceptable levels
  • Ongoing assessment, measurement and maintenance of the organization's strategic BOK and behavior levels

In today's competitive environment with flatter organizations and field people empowered to act independently, strategic literacy can be a powerful competitive advantage.

The organization with clearly focused people who know what they need to do will move faster with greater precision and win out over other organizations with people who are unclear, uncertain and unable to act quickly.

GuideStar Strategic Literacy Services
GuideStar Research has pioneered the development of communications management processes and measurement tools for achieving strategic literacy and fostering strategic behavior in large organizations. In brief, we assist our clients by:

  • Helping define the strategic Body of Knowledge (BOK)
  • Measuring initial baseline strategic literacy, opinions and behavior levels
  • Counseling on the development of communication vehicles, training and management practices to improve the organization's strategic literacy
  • Designing and conducting multi-year tracking measurement and assessments of the organization's strategic literacy and behavioral progress over time
  • Assessing the impact of strategic literacy on organizational behavior and performance

Read our Strategic Literacy Timeline.

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