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As the Communications Cycle proceeds, elements of the communications plan have been accumulating that provide a great deal of guidance and instruction to the production teams responsible for creating the communications media, meetings, etc. Research and measurement findings have been documented, shared and translated into measurable communications objectives. The creative team has developed the blueprints. They have designed the materials, meetings and events and created graphic designs and written copy, scripts and speeches.

It is now up to the production team to implement these designs and produce the media, meeting, software, etc. Media production, duplication and distribution and staging (in the case of a large group meeting or event) are where most of the project's budget resides and where many talented communication arts people ply their craft. From the perspective of measurement, many of the production management tasks are almost identical to those of producing traditional communications.

However, a critical difference is that the creative design and focus points for measurable media are very precise, often including subtle shadings and crucial details - more so than when producing media that will not be measured for effectiveness. The production manager of media designed for measurement and the executive producer of a meeting or event designed for Core-7 measurement have a much greater responsibility to fully understand the reasons behind the creative designs and the objectives they are trying to achieve. They are responsible for ensuring that the production team fulfills the underlying communication intentions of the creative designs - not just the artistic vision.


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