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A Sampler of GuideStar Research Projects

Client: Pharmaceutical Company
Research Project: All-Employee Strategic Literacy Assessment

Audits of specific communications media and activities plus employee attitude research on structural and process changes within company - 72 in-depth telephone interviews with headquarters personnel and 4 Tele-Focus Groups with field personnel.

Client: Pharmaceutical Company
Research Project: All-Employee Strategic Literacy Tracking Survey of 5,500 People

Design and development of a Strategic Literacy Tracking Study plus a study linking strategic communications with organizational performance for the Pharmaceuticals Division Public Affairs Department.

Client: Pharmaceutical Company
Research Project: All-Employee Strategic Literacy Baseline Assessment Survey of 4,800 People

Design of a Strategic Literacy study for all employees, implementation of an outbound, live telephone interview survey, data management and scoring, analysis and report development plus strategic literacy improvement recommendations for 1997 internal media, Managers Meetings and manager-led communications.

Client: Banking Company
Research Project: Quarterly Video Program Survey of 200 New York Branch Managers

Development and administration of a 16-question FX-Tele-survey (faxback) to determine Branch Managers' opinions about, and staff viewership of, corporate quarterly videos.

Human Resources:

Client: Telecommunications Company -- Network Services Division
Research Project: Employee "Common Bond Values, Beliefs & Behaviors" Research

Conduct of a series of 26 focus groups across four levels of management and two levels of union employees to determine their "ideal behavior" sets related to 5 Common Bond values to be introduced to 18,000 employees as part of a cultural change initiative being undertaken by the division's leadership.

Development of a series of reports identifying and synthesizing and ranking the ideal behaviors and matching them with current behaviors.

Reports and work items included:

  • Report of the 91 "ideal behaviors" synthesized and confirmed as most important by focus group participants from an initial list of 533 "ideal behaviors" related to the 5 Common Bond values
  • Report of the rankings of importance, degree of gap between the ideal behaviors and current behaviors and level of difficulty perceived by focus group participants to close the gap for each ideal behavior
  • Report of the matches of individual ideal behaviors with the related current behaviors people experience
  • 70 question tele-survey questionnaire for communication technicians working in the field
  • 3 moderator focus group topic guides for Phases I, II and IV
  • Telephone recruiting scripts used to recruit employees into the focus groups

Client: Consulting Firm
Research Project: Firmwide Partner and Employee Attitude Survey

A study similar to the prior year study, with the addition of a pilot survey. This study sampled the full population of 17,000 with a survey base sample size of 4,762 respondents.

In addition to the qualitative tele-focus group summary (14 groups) and "snapshot" reports, quantitative survey reports each included an executive summary, written key findings plus data in graph and table formats.

Quantitative reports:

  • Pilot Survey Report (tables and analysis)
  • Full survey "Snapshot" Report
  • Firmwide Report
  • Combined Position Report
  • Combined LOB (line of business) Report
  • Demographic Report (4 full reports covering gender, age, years with the firm and marital status)
  • Combined Area Report
  • Combined Designated Services Report
  • Executive Office (EO) Report
  • HR Strategic Issues Report
  • Regression Analysis Report
  • Regression Report on Communications and Morale questions
  • Communications questions graph report
  • Communications Implications Report
  • HR Questions Graph Report

Client: Consulting Firm
Research Project: Firmwide Employee & Partner Attitude Survey

Design and implementation of an organizational attitude study of the US population, approximately 17,000 people; partners, senior managers, managers, professional staff and administrative staff of this "big six" professional services firm.

Tele-focus group sessions (27) were conducted followed by a stratified population sample 800# tele-survey using a base sample of approximately 1,300 people derived using the finite population calculation.

Reports included:

  • "Snapshot overview" of Partners, Senior Managers and Managers views in the focus groups
  • Detailed focus group summaries of each group by position with breakout reports by gender and length of service with the firm
  • Combined survey and focus group commentary reports, each including written analysis, data graphs and tables and focus group summaries:

    • Firmwide Partners and Employees Report
    • Area Report
    • Combined Position Report
    • Combined Function Report
    • Audit Function Report by Position
    • Tax Function Report by Position
    • Management Consulting Report by Position
    • Demographic Report of Significant Differences

  • Data reports including graphs and tables only:
    • Partner/Principal Report
    • Senior Managers/Managers Report
    • Professional Staff Report Primary Industry Specialization Report

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