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A Client's First Year - Building the Baseline
Fall - Employee communications goals established to drive business growth
  • Understanding of key strategic business information
  • Positive opinions about the business's strategies, objectives and processes
  • Most employees behaving on-strategy
First year - 1st Quarter
  • Strategic literacy goals and objectives are written into the communications department's plan as well as general descriptions for the strategic Body of Knowledge (BOK).
First Year - 2nd Quarter
Qualitative research, focus groups with managers, conducted to get responses to the first quarter's Managers' Meeting and print communications as they relate to strategic business information. Modifications are made in media content and Managers' Meeting content and format.
First Year - 3rd Quarter
Quantitative research, a Strategic Literacy baseline survey, is conducted among attendees of the Managers' Meetings to determine their Strategic Literacy levels.
First Year - 4th Quarter
Quantitative research, a Strategic Literacy baseline survey, is conducted among all employees of the company to determine their Strategic Literacy levels.
Strategic Literacy measurements include
  • Understanding of the Competitive Environment
  • Understanding and Support of the Business Strategies
  • Understanding of Performance Goals
  • Understanding of Core Processes
  • Understanding of the Company's Business Performance
  • Opinions of Management Support and Individual Strategic Performance Objectives/Efforts
  • Ratings of Manager-Led Communications, Produced Media and Managers Meetings
  • Levels of Individual Strategic Behaviors
  • Ability to Explain How and What They Do Directly Supports Company Strategic Objectives


Second Year - 1st Quarter
  • Correlation of organizational performance with strategic literacy scores
  • Planning and beginning of implementation of initiatives to improve strategic literacy scores in year two



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