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Core-7 Meeting Dimensions

The Core-7 are the personal dimensions of meeting participants that can be measured and quantified. These Core-7 dimensions are used as the design and measurement framework of the Meeting Productivity Process (MPP):

The Core-7 Dimensions are:

  1. Knowledge - Understanding - Perceptions
  2. Opinions - Attitudes - Beliefs
  3. Issues - Concerns - Feelings
  4. Needs - Preferences
  5. Abilities
  6. Intentions
  7. Behaviors/Business Results

Using the Core-7 In Meeting Design and Measurement
Meeting productivity research (both qualitative and quantitative) employs Core-7 Meeting Dimensions questions, which have been developed and refined over almost a decade of meeting attendee research. These questions identify and define the attendees' Core-7 Dimensions as they relate to their business, their relationship with the organization and, most importantly, their meeting experience.

Pre-meeting Core-7 findings are synthesized into measurable meeting objectives. These provide meeting designers with the foundation to build a precisely focused, cost-efficient, high-value meeting experience for both the meeting participants and the sponsoring organization. If all of the Core-7 Dimensions are used in designing a large group meeting, the meeting's productivity and return on investment will be optimized. Meetings designed with our Core-7 Dimensions and the MPP have consistently produced dramatic, on-target, valuable results.

By employing both pre-meeting and post-meeting research and measurement, shifts in attendees' Core-7 Dimensions can be accurately measured and calculated to determine the precise impacts of a meeting experience upon the attendees.

Post-meeting, a Return On Event (ROE) Report prepared by GuideStar presents these results in graphic form. Meeting managers know exactly how well their meeting performed and the return on their total meeting investment and have the necessary post-meeting information to develop targeted, follow up initiatives.

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