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GuideStar Research is a pioneering leader in measuring large group meeting results. For nearly two decades, GuideStar’s exclusive Meeting Productivity Process (MPP) has delivered dramatic, measurable results for Fortune 500 companies looking to get more from their corporate meetings and events – and more from their critical business relationships.
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GuideStar has partnered with Freeman, a strategic communications and events firm specializing in strategic meeting planning services, production services and event management.
Learn why this important alliance means we’re more capable than ever before when it comes to helping you achieve meetings that produce powerful, measurable, strategic results – and enhanced business relationships with the people who matter most to your business success. Also read more about ProActive's prestigious 2003 New York Festivals World Medals.
GuideStar provides:
Pre-meeting and post-meeting online surveys are employed to measure Return On Event (ROE) shifts in attendees’ Core-7 Dimensions™ to determine the impact of a meeting experience upon the attendees.
Core-7 Dimensions™ - This GuideStar framework of measurement is based on the personal dimensions of meeting participants upon which a large group meeting can have a strong affect and which can be measured and quantified.
Proven, validated meeting attendee questions that collect the core information needed by meeting planners to design “customer-driven meetings.”
Real-time online reporting of pre-meeting and post-meeting survey results assists you in aligning your pre-meeting design with the needs of your participants and to follow up afterwards.
Return on Event (ROE) online reports show the return on your meeting investment in graphs and tables ready for presentation in MS Word and PowerPoint.
"Snapshot" and summary findings reports in easy-to-read, concise reports and graphs for busy executives who aren't research professionals.
Strategic recommendations by GuideStar consultants on how to design your meeting to achieve the important strategic objectives your organization seeks while satisfying the expectations and desires of your meeting participants – as well as how to respond after the meeting with initiatives to extend the impact of the meeting.
Service costs designed to work with meeting budgets. MPP services, on average, range between 1-3% of a client's Total Meeting Investment (TMI).
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