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A Sampling of Clients' Post-Meeting Return on Event (ROE)

GuideStar's Meeting Productivity Process (MPP) consistently produces outstanding results for meeting managers in a broad range of industries from financial services to healthcare, from telecommunications to auto manufacturers, from copier marketers to computer companies and many more.

MPP Produces Great ROE Results:

  • 52% of attending insurance brokers placed new business totaling over $50 million in new property-casualty premium income.
  • 108% increase from pre-meeting to post-meeting in auto dealers' investment intentions in new product line.
  • 98% of attending copier dealers signed up for first annual purchasing agreement with a 10% annual volume increase commitment.
  • 76% of attending copier dealers changed their commitment and investment levels at the meeting.
  • A 48% increase in employees' confidence (from 60% pre-event to 89% post-event) in their regional telephone company's future plus a 110% increase (from 40% pre-event to 84% post-event) in confidence in their personal future and a 130% increase (from 37% pre-event to 85% post event) regarding their commitment to being more competitive.
  • A national real estate brokerage franchise organization decided to reinvest in its "Chairman's Circle" recognition event instead of scrapping it because of its high value to franchisees.
  • A leading business travel and credit card company completely changed the character and focus of their national sales meeting and achieved their highest levels of attendee satisfaction on record. 89% of attendees stated that the meeting was effective in increasing their ability to compete and in providing a highly motivational experience while 93% were satisfied with the relevance of the executive presentations.
  • 71% increase in pharmaceutical sales people's confidence in meeting/exceeding their objectives for next year.
  • 340% increase in the number of attendees who were confident the organization was moving in the right direction.
  • 150% increase in those who were satisfied with morale.
  • 162% increase in those who were satisfied with the marketing department's performance.
  • A leading pharmaceutical manufacturer decided to reconsider a number of expensive, time-consuming meeting elements instead of automatically programming them into their meetings for next year.
  • 107% increase in distributor satisfaction that the company and the distributor network are a unified team moving in one direction together, 101% increase in satisfaction that recent changes strengthens their ability to grow the brand's business- and 138% increase in their positive perception of the company's product marketing
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