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GuideStar Analytics - Driving Customer Satisfaction Results
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Your customers' views of your products, services, pricing -- as well as your business relationship -- are invariably multi-dimensional. GuideStar Research helps you get to the heart of this complexity in ways that help you move your business forward.

  • Real-time online analytics- reports generated in GuideStar's new, 2nd generation Online Report Center (ORC)
  • Advanced statistical analyses and modeling
  • Written, key findings reports and consulting

Designed to dig deeper into customer survey data, GuideStar analytic services reveal underlying causes and critical details that provide clients with the means to target their actions for maximum impact with customers:

  • Key driver predictive path models
  • Account scorecard reports
  • Customers at risk/customers of opportunity (CARCOP) reports
  • Relationship ladders
  • Deep Dialog Auditssm and more.

Measurable Dimensions - Key Drivers
Customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, collaboration and strategic partnering are all dimensions that need to be measured and managed in a business relationship to achieve improved business outcomes. These include increased purchases, increased recommendations and a longer term commitment to do business together.

GuideStar survey research programs are custom designed to measure and diagnose the specific dimensions and contours of your unique customer relationships. We conduct statistical modeling to better understand the perspectives that your customers take in viewing your business performance. In doing so, we link customer responses on surveys to the business outcomes that you want to maximize. Through research and ongoing consultation, we help you to improve your customers' satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy.

We help you to better understand and improve:

  • Where you are strong, where you are weak
  • The drivers of your customers' satisfaction, loyalty, and the likelihood they will purchase additional products and services or recommend you to others
  • Collaboration and strategic partnering with your most important
  • Your customers' perceptions of the value of your products and services
  • Specific actions and initiatives that are likely to have the most powerful impact on improving your customers' perceptions
  • How you are viewed in relation to your competitors
  • Your responsiveness to the concerns and issues that matter most to your customers

We can help you track your improvements over time on the key dimensions that matter most to your customers and, when appropriate, we can design tracking indices that enable you to get a quick overview of how your performance is changing over time. We can structure your surveys to provide feedback not only on your company as a whole, but by region, specific accounts, account managers or other staff who oversee and interact with your accounts, or by virtually any other important factor that you can define within your business model.

Account Scorecard Reports
Scorecard reports by individual account, by managed segments of accounts or hierarchical groups of accounts, even by individual survey participant (with permission), are generated quickly in the GuideStar Online Report Center ready for printing, e-mail delivery, saving and sharing or copying to Microsoft Office applications like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc. These highly useful reports permit sales people and sales management to quickly assess strengths and weakness in customer attitudes, perceptions and intentions and provide a solid statistical basis for account management and planning.

Customers at Risk/Customers of Opportunity (CARCOP) Reports
CARCOP reports use an algorithm developed by GuideStar to identify individual customers and accounts which our client may be at risk of losing as well as identifying those customers who represent the greatest opportunity for new business development.

This unique report identifies the degree of risk and the key dimensions of greatest importance to customers at risk as well as the key dimensions of greatest importance to customers of opportunity. As such, the report pinpoints specific customers to take action with - either to win back customers at risk of defecting to competitors or to increase business with customers who desire closer collaboration and partnering, those more likely to increase their business with our client.

Conjoint Analysis
Conjoint analysis is an advanced statistical technique which can prove to be essential in understanding customer preferences of combinations of price and benefit options related to products and service offerings, customer service, etc. By identifying alternative profiles around relevant attributes (e.g., various combinations of price levels and price models, quality and service, etc.), organizations can determine which offerings are most likely to increase customer consideration, purchase, satisfaction and loyalty.

GuideStar offers its clients a flexible and comprehensive analytical approach, which may include qualitative research, aimed at the identification of solution profiles that secure satisfaction or "delight" among customers. Using a conjoint design, GuideStar consultants collect and analyze empirical data to develop strategic recommendations that help clients determine how to conduct and implement highly effective sales, marketing and service processes and programs.

Action Maps
Action Mapping is a strategic method that GuideStar uses to support its clients' action planning. Within this analytical framework, organizational areas that need immediate attention by decision-makers are identified and highlighted. Segmenting customer survey findings on the basis of their impact and favorability, Action Mapping emphasizes current customer satisfaction and relationship strengths and weaknesses providing organizations with a clear-cut, straightforward list of action priorities.

Deep DialogSM
Deep Dialog is an essential, statistically-proven research tool that can be used to determine the quality, health and productivity of your collaborative relationships with your customers. Developed by Dr. Howard V. Perlmutter and used exclusively in the U.S. by GuideStar Research, Deep Dialog presents highly accurate information about key collaborative relationships between groups. Deep Dialog audit scores are analyzed against the findings in a normative database containing more than 30,000 cases worldwide and are highly predictive of success and failure of the productivity of the relationship being examined.

Relationship LaddersSM
Your current relationship with any given customer can be found along a continuum of customer relationships we define as the Relationship Ladder. Whether you are providing commodity products and services or strategic, customized combinations of products, services and systems, GuideStar Research can help you understand how your relationship is currently perceived by your customers and what actions you can take to improve it - and to enhance business outcomes with each customer.

The GuideStar relationship improvement research process is designed to help you move your customer relationships up the Relationship Ladder. Each level of improvement produces measurable increases in customer satisfaction, quality of relationship and bottom-line business outcomes.

Online Report Centers (ORC)
Partner Network Surveys
Our Online Report Centers allow you to view your survey results in real-time as they come in. The ORC can also be set to create alerts for customer problems or dissatisfied customers so that you can intervene quickly. The drill-down features allow your custom-branded ORC to provide customer or account views that summarize findings for specific accounts (including their verbatim comments) so that your Account Team, Customer Representatives, or Sales staff can better address their needs and concerns.

To arrange for an online tour of GuideStar's ORCs, contact us at 212-426-2333 or by using our  Contact Form.

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