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Our research collaboration with you does not stop with the surveys or the qualitative research that we conduct for you.

Among our unique strengths: GuideStar professional analysts and consultants (most are Ph.D. organizational psychologists) focus on actively transferring the knowledge and understanding that was gained through the research process and integrating it into your organization, reaching out to managers and professionals at all levels. This ensures that your organization uses the research findings, turning them into actionable plans to improve your organization's customer relationships and business outcomes.

GuideStar consultants make specific tactical and strategic recommendations based on the research findings. They meet with and conduct presentations with your key executive groups to explain the analyses and findings in the reports and analyses. Our consultants follow through with face-to-face working sessions with key managers and groups in your organization to maximize the benefits you derive from understanding your customers better, assisting your organization to convert the research findings into actions that drive business performance improvement.

GuideStar Consultants are Experienced Research Analysts
Primarily Ph.D. psychologists, our analysts are experts in applying GuideStar's in-house developed analytic methods to dig deeper into a client's survey data to reveal underlying causes and critical details that provide clients with the means to target their actions for maximum impact with customers. Among our proprietary analytic methods are

  • Key driver predictive path models
  • Account scorecard reports
  • Customers at risk/customers of opportunity (CARCOP) reports
  • Action maps
  • Relationship ladders
  • Deep Dialog Auditssm

GuideStar Customer Survey Findings and Recommendations Lead to Improved Customer Satisfaction - Loyalty - Partnership Relationships

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Our Online Report Centers allow you to view your survey results in real-time as they come in. The ORC can also be set to create alerts for customer problems or dissatisfied customers so that you can intervene quickly. The drill-down features allow your custom-branded ORC to provide customer or account views that summarize findings for specific accounts (including their verbatim comments) so that your Account Team, Customer Representatives, or Sales staff can better address their needs and concerns.

To arrange for an online tour of GuideStar's ORCs, contact us at 212-426-2333 or by using our  Contact Form.

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