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Partner Network Surveys - The Key to Winning Hearts and Minds

Multi-tier distribution networks control most of the commerce done in the world today. Most manufacturers and service companies do not sell their products and services directly to the consumer or end-user. They work through a traditional, two-tier or three-tier network of resellers, independent owned-businesses (wholesalers, dealers, licensees, franchisees, etc.), and partners that distribute and resell products and services to the end-user. In many instances, the reseller also adds value and services the customer.

First Customer networks are critical to success in most industries.  The First Customer in the network (the wholesaler, reseller, dealer, distributor or partner) has to "buy-in" to the product or service, and enthusiastically invest in reselling it (by investing in inventory, promotion and advertising, training of sales people and providing quality service to customers). Bottom line: If the manufacturer or service company doesn't win the hearts and minds of their First Customer network, history tells us their business will not prosper.

GuideStar Research can provide you with comprehensive research on First Customer Networks to help measure and improve the quality of these critical business relationships.  We combine structured interviews, focus groups, and survey methods to provide you with the intelligence you need to promote loyalty and sales growth through your key networks.

GuideStar’s Online Report Center provides clients real-time access to survey data so they can respond quickly to the vital needs of their network partners and our strategic reports and statistical modeling techniques show you the most effective ways to achieve your business objectives with these critical groups.

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