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Client: Brewing Company
Research Project: 1997, 1998 and 1999 Distributor Satisfaction Baseline Benchmark and Tracking Studies

Design and conduct with 160 distributors plus their leadership, total population of 480 distributorship leaders - in-depth interviews (10) plus 75-question faxback survey.

Client: Information Services Company
Research Project: New Product Customer Satisfaction and Non-buyer Studies

Development of a segmentation marketing plan for the "Business Solutions In A Box" software service product and co-management of national sales implementation.

Design and conduct of two studies - a customer satisfaction study and a non-buyer study for the "Business Solutions In A Box" service product.

Semi-monthly collection and reporting of national sales agent activity reports for "Business Solutions In A Box."

Client: Health Care Company
Research Project: Sales Promotion Effectiveness Study

Product Fair Exhibit and "Work and Progress" Audio Cassette Series Feedback Research - two separate research projects each consisting of structured telephone interviews and written summaries.

Sixteen structured telephone interviews with account managers were conducted to acquire feedback on the value, usefulness and desirability of extending the Product Fair exhibit to a regional program.

Twenty-two structured interviews with account managers were conducted to acquire feedback as to the usefulness of the audio cassette program and listeners needs, concerns and suggestions for improvements for future tapes in the series.

Client: Health Care Company -- Diagnostics Division
Research Project: Competitive Data Diskette/Computer Capability Survey

An 800# tele-survey in two parts conducted with 550 field sales personnel to determine the usability, usefulness of competitive data on diskette and the desirability of future diskette programs plus their computing experience, hardware in place, software in place and the computing needs, preferences and desires. Respondents totaled 293 presenting a 53% response rate which provided a ± 3.9 percentage points margin for error at a 95% confidence level.

Client: Pharmaceutical Company - Internal Customer Research
Research Project: Internal Customer Research

A series of 8 live focus groups with internal customer organizations (individual product groups) served by company's internal Worldwide Advertising and Promotion group.

The purpose of the research was to identify areas of satisfaction and dissatisfaction and the needs and desires of the internal customers of the group. Reports included summary reports of individual product groups, a consolidated summary and an executive briefing summary.

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