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Driving Employee Satisfaction, Commitment and Loyalty
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Employee satisfaction is key to the success of today's organizations. It is an essential component of organizational commitment, organizational pride, heightened productivity and increased work quality. Employees' views of the organization and their experience at work are multi-dimensional and complex. GuideStar Research helps you get to the heart of what employees feel, think, want and need in ways that help you determine how to increase your workforce's loyalty, commitment and engagement.
  • Real-time online analytics and reports generated in GuideStar's new, 2nd generation Online Report Center (ORC)
  • Advanced statistical analyses and modeling
  • Written key findings reports and consulting
GuideStar analytics are designed to dig deeper into employee survey data to reveal underlying causes and critical details that provide clients with the means to target their actions for maximum impact with employees: Key Driver Predictive Path Models, Conjoint Analysis, Needs Analysis, Relationship Ladder, Communication Audits, 360 Degree Feedback, Deep Dialog Audits and more.

Measurable Dimensions - Employees' Key Drivers
Employee satisfaction, employee loyalty and engagement are dimensions that need to be measured and managed to achieve improved business outcomes, increased productivity, higher commitment and lower turnover. GuideStar survey research programs are custom designed to measure and diagnose the specific dimensions and contours of your employees' experience at work. We conduct statistical modeling to better understand which organizational levers affect your employees' satisfaction and their commitment to your organization. In doing so, we link employee responses on surveys to the organizational outcomes that you want to maximize. Through research and ongoing consultation, we help you to develop a more satisfied, loyal, committed and productive workforce.

Predictive Path Model -- Employee Loyalty & Retention

We help you to better understand and improve:

  • Where employees perceive your organization is delivering value to them and where it's not
  • Your employees' perceptions of your organization, its leadership, climate and culture
  • The drivers of your employees' satisfaction, engagement and loyalty
  • Specific actions and initiatives that are likely to have the most powerful impact on improving employees' perceptions
  • Your responsiveness to the concerns and issues that matter most to your workforce

We can help you track your improvements over time on the key dimensions that matter most and we can design indices that enable you to get a quick overview of how your organization is performing over time to promote employee commitment and engagement. We can structure your surveys to provide feedback not only on your company as a whole, but we can break that down by how you are doing in different regions, within specific departments, by managers or other staff, or by virtually any other important factor that you can define within your business model.

Conjoint Analysis
Conjoint analysis is an advanced statistical technique which can prove to be essential in change management processes as well as in the design of employee selection and retention programs. By identifying alternative profiles around relevant attributes (e.g., benefits, salary, type of schedule, work environment, etc.), organizations can determine which solutions are most likely to increase employee satisfaction and loyalty. GuideStar offers its clients a flexible and comprehensive analytical approach, which may include qualitative research, aimed at the identification of solutions profiles that secure satisfaction or "delight" among employees. Using a conjoint design, GuideStar consultants collect and analyze empirical data to develop strategic recommendations that help clients determine how to conduct and implement highly effective organizational processes and programs.

Action Maps
Action mapping is a strategic tool that GuideStar uses to support its clients' action planning. Within this analytical framework, organizational areas that need immediate attention by decision-makers are identified and highlighted. Segmenting employee survey findings on the basis of their impact and favorability, action mapping emphasizes current organizational strengths and weaknesses providing organizations with a clear-cut, straightforward list of action priorities.

Communications Audits
In today's rapidly changing, technology-driven environment, organizational communicators are challenged to be more flexible, responsive and innovative in meeting their organization's immediate and future communication needs. GuideStar's communications audits help organizations address this critical, dual challenge by offering a comprehensive spectrum of analyses (e.g., strategic literacy, traditional audits, communications relationship audits) and focusing on high-impact dimensions. Regardless of the type of audit, GuideStar consultants give significant attention to the Core-7 Communications Measurement Dimensions. These are the areas in which employees can be most affected by communications: their knowledge, understanding and perceptions; opinions, attitudes and beliefs; issues, concerns and feelings; needs and preferences; abilities; intentions; and behaviors.

360 Degree Feedback
360 degree feedback is a critical tool to develop a holistic account of how employees are behaving and performing. In a 360 feedback assessment, multiple raters (e.g., an employee's manager, coworkers, direct reports and others) provide feedback on multiple dimensions, generating a comprehensive picture of the employee's performance and work behavior. Rating information is consolidated and used to improve current performance and address development goals. GuideStar helps its clients with their 360 feedback needs by designing and programming assessment surveys, collecting and managing data, and effectively reporting results using GuideStar's Online Report Center.

Deep Dialog Audits
Deep Dialog is an essential, statistically-proven research tool that can be used to determine the quality, health and productivity of your communications and relationships with your employees. Developed by Dr. Howard V. Perlmutter and used exclusively in the U.S. by GuideStar Research, Deep Dialog presents highly accurate information about employee relationships. Deep Dialog audit scores are analyzed against the findings in a normative database containing more than 30,000 cases worldwide and are highly predictive of success and failure of the productivity of the relationship being examined. Using Deep Dialog, we help you identify relationship drivers and deficits as well as the specific actions that need to be taken to improve the level of dialogue and the quality of communications with your employees.

The Relationship Ladder
Your employees' relationship with your organization can be measured along a continuum of employee relationships we define as the Relationship Ladder. Whether your organization is flat, vertical, or matrix-like, GuideStar Research can help you understand how committed employees are to it and what actions need to be taken to improve your workforce's commitment and dedication in ways that concretely enhance bottom line business outcomes.

Online Report Centers
Our Online Report Center (ORC) allows you to view your results in real-time, as they come in. The drill-down features allow your customized ORC to provide hierarchical views that summarize findings for specific groups (including employees' verbatim comments) so that your managers can better address employees' needs and concerns.

To arrange for an online tour of GuideStar's ORCs, contact us at 212-426-2333 or via email

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