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GuideStar Employee Satisfaction Surveys --
Deliver Critical Employee Feedback
Learn What Employees REALLY FEEL - What They THINK -
What They Want and Need

Predictive Path Model -- Employee Loyalty & Retention

GuideStar has more than a decade of experience in developing and implementing online employee surveys for both large and small organizations.

We offer a variety of employee survey solutions to meet your business needs in areas such as:

  • Employee attitudes and satisfaction
  • Employee benefits
  • Organizational climate and culture
  • Employee/Manager gaps
  • Internal customer relationships
  • Change management (e.g., mergers, organizational restructuring, etc.)
  • 360 degree feedback
  • Internal communications
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GuideStar is a pioneer and leader in the field of employee Web-based surveys and research programs. Our custom-designed electronic surveys provide our clients with real-time feedback and strategic analyses of problem areas. Using GuideStar's Online Report Center, managers can view the results of their online survey in real time, as well as conduct analyses and build reports and presentations for their own organization. The ORC's unique, hierarchical reporting architecture permits managers throughout the organization to access their group's data and build reports for their specific groups.

See how our employee surveys drive organizational change, improve internal processes and build employee morale. Use the links listed to the left to learn more or click here to read out our detailed process.

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