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Client Case Brief -- IT Industry
Situation Overview
GuideStar Research was engaged by a global Information Technology leader to conduct a baseline employee satisfaction survey several years ago. GuideStar's role was to analyze employee satisfaction in the organization, and to provide both tactical and strategic recommendations for improving satisfaction for employees.

The client was also interested in developing a 360°-feedback program for individual managers. GuideStar worked with the client to develop the web-based program, which has been used continually for several years.

Strategic Research Partner
GuideStar has worked with this client to present them with the tools they need to disseminate survey results to managers across the organization. GuideStar's Online Reporting System has provided survey facilitators in the organization with the ability to slice-and-dice survey data to meet the needs of company managers. Hierarchy reports, which can be run online and printed out as a hard copy, serve as comprehensive reports about a manager's survey results.

Since the original baseline survey was conducted, GuideStar has worked with this client to run several subsequent surveys and data-gathering projects. For example, about a year after the original survey was conducted, the client decided to run a short pulse survey, using a randomly selected group of employees, to determine whether improvements had been made in a number of key areas.

Improvements in Employee Satisfaction
Using advanced statistical methods, like path modeling and action mapping, GuideStar has been able to assist its client in pinpointing which areas in the organization need the most attention. This approach has allowed the client to focus its energies on addressing first the issues that matter the most to its employees. Responses to open-ended survey questions show that employees have noticed that leaders are taking action in some areas, and appreciate the work that is being done.

The client also decided to run quarterly pulse surveys in a specific geographic region that was lagging behind other regions. The results of the pulse surveys show that employee satisfaction is gradually increasing in key areas, likely as a result of organizational interventions that have been implemented by the client. Some very low satisfaction ratings have seen improvements of a 2%-3% for each pulse survey, which represent a steady increase in employee satisfaction over time.


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