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All GuideStar survey research projects and programs share a common set of services, whether it's a basic single survey in one language or a global, enterprise-wide, multi-year program of multiple surveys in many languages.

Survey Research Services

  • Planning and Design
  • Questionnaire Development
  • Communications
  • Analysis and Reporting
  • Consulting

Project Management
Each client works directly with a senior GuideStar consultant, a research professional who teams with the client and manages their survey or research program from concept to completion. This assures continuity of learning, collaborative relationship and accountability. The project director is a GuideStar consultant who leads other key staff and outside research professionals on the client's survey team to assure high-quality service delivery at all stages of the research.

GuideStar Technology Services
An integrated system of GuideStar-developed online technologies support and facilitate survey services delivery from questionnaire development to complex email messaging to comprehensive real-time online reporting. Survey Research Services in Detail:

Research Planning and Design Services

  • Overall research design
  • Formulation of research goals and objectives
  • Project planning; budgeting and scheduling
  • Sample design, from simple segmentation to complex stratified global sampling

Questionnaire Development Services

  • Qualitative pre-survey research (interviews and focus groups)
  • Quantitative survey questionnaire design
  • Survey question writing
  • Benchmark question research
  • Web-based survey questionnaire programming, publishing and testing
  • Setup and testing of individual surveys in an Online Report Center
  • Translation, programming and testing as required

Communication Services

  • Preparation of invitation database(s) with demographics and personal hidden IDs
  • Development of announcement, invitation, reminder and thank you messages
  • Message translations as required
  • Delivery of email messages through the EMMS with reminders to non-responders
  • Tracking of bouncebacks, recycling of corrected bounce-backs
  • Handling of remove requests
  • Native language email support for non-English speaking participants
  • 800# technical support as necessary for participants

Report Services
Online Report Center (ORC) Services:

  • Custom branding of ORC with client graphics
  • Custom programming of ORC for special client report requirements, alerts, etc.
  • Support and maintenance of client's survey in the ORC
  • Set-up and management of ORC user permissions
  • Hierarchy reporting setup
  • Training of ORC users
  • Setting of client report preference defaults
  • Development of client template reports in ORC; i.e., hierarchy reports, group scorecards, etc.
  • Coding and analysis of open-end questions
  • Creation of custom reports in ORC upon client request

Off-line Statistical Analysis and Reporting by GuideStar Analysts

    Statistical analysis of descriptive data; i.e., frequencies and means
  • Statistically significant differences between groups
  • Correlations, regressions, factor, cluster and discriminant analyses
  • Predictive modeling and key driver analyses
  • Conjoint analysis
  • Action mapping
  • Relationship Ladder
  • Deep Dialogsm Audit analysis and reports
  • Communications audits
  • 360-degree feedback
  • Open-end comment analysis
  • Gap analysis

Survey Data Collection
We conduct our research using the most appropriate and efficient blend of research methods to reach your key business populations worldwide.

  • Web-based surveys
  • Outbound telephone surveys
  • 1-800# inbound telephone surveys using IVR technology
  • Hand-held PDA device surveys
  • Fax-back surveys
  • Self-administered paper surveys
  • Focus groups (by phone or in person)
  • Structured and semi-structured interviews (by phone or in person)

GuideStar's Email Message Management System (EMMS) lets you:

  • Set your system to automatically forward information for survey invitations directly to the EMMS on a one-time or ongoing, event-driven basis, creating true "hands-off" survey programs
  • Control for enterprise-wide surveying by setting rules to prevent over-surveying of employees
  • Define your campaigns and send periodic reminders to non-responders only
  • Identify incorrect e-mail addresses from bounce-backs, make corrections and recycle

Online Report Center (ORC)
GuideStar's new 2nd generation online reporting technology enables you to view your surveys results in real-time and create online reports for presentation. You can:

  • Enter through a user-aware landing page with dynamic interactive modules which present an overview summary of the individual user's survey findings, including trends, indices, top ten and bottom ten question ratings, open-end question comments and more.
  • Track response rates and break them down by key segments in real-time.
  • Create pre-set report formats to organize the findings.
  • View results of statistical tests and modeling procedures.
  • Track improvements over time.
  • Display your findings flexibly, with user-selected segmentation of the results by any of the fields that you specify for data collection (e.g., by product, country, region, type of account, support technician, salesperson, etc.).
  • Drill-down to individual accounts, regions, or staff assigned to accounts
  • Prepare easy to read charts and tables with a series of mouse-clicks and view them on your desktop monitor, print them, copy them to any MS Office application, including Word and PowerPoint slides, or e-mail them to key staff members.

Contact GuideStar at 212-426-2333 or use our Contact Form to arrange an online tour of our remarkable new 2nd generation ORC.

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