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Strategic Organizational Performance Services
At GuideStar, everything we do is focused on helping our clients strengthen the performance of their organizations and use the transformative power of employee engagement and customer satisfaction to build businesses that are highly competitive, flexible, and able to thrive despite the uncertainty of the macro environment.

Our framework for Optimal Organization Behavior (OOB):

OOB is a rigorous and systematic diagnostic approach based on years of consultative work and research experience combined with leading-edge research technology and advanced analytics. We provide clients with a clear, comprehensive understanding of the organizational challenges they face, strategic guidance, actionable recommendations, and successful plans that will move their business ahead.

Streamlined Pulse Solution (SPRS):

We are contacting you about our newly designed Strategic Pulse Research Service (SPRS) for companies that need quick, distilled, penetrating research focused on the essential employee dimensions that drive organizational effectiveness. SPRS is a streamlined solution that delivers accurate results efficiently and at affordable prices. The basic service delivers findings in 4-6 weeks. It includes survey preparation built from a set of core indices that examine the essential dimensions of organizational performance, data collection, online indices snapshot reports, quantitative analytic reports, content analysis of open-end comments, and a key findings summary. If you need a quick, intelligent analysis of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses, an insightful look at key strategic areas, this is the service for you.

Strategic Advanced Research Solution (SAR):

Building on the SPRS, our enriched Strategic Advanced Research (SAR) solution provides clients with comprehensive answers to fundamental questions, but also helps them to address more complex organizational issues. For example, a core component of our system of metrics and analytics, the AREA (Adaptability, Resourcefulness, Engagement, Ambassadorship), pertains to an area of diagnostics that characterize winning organizations marked by high organizational effectiveness and great adaptability. Using a sophisticated analytical approach, not only can we help you diagnose the health of these important outcomes, but we can help you understand how they impact you bottom line and identify which organizational interventions are bound to generate the highest ROI for your organization.

Guided by a distinctive philosophical approach and rigorous methods, we offer a range of customized solutions specifically designed to meet unique challenges and leverage hidden opportunities. For years, we have provided large corporations with enterprise interventions that draw a full circle all the way from employee engagement to customer satisfaction, including leadership and manager development. We have also supported numerous medium-sized companies with simpler, cost-effective solutions, by helping them address specific issues affecting their workforce (e.g., personnel turnover, low employee engagement, etc.) and/or customer base.

Contact us today to learn more about our solutions. Our unique combination of research intelligence, cutting-edge technologies, pulse and enterprise solutions makes us one of the most responsive resources in the research industry.
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