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Relationship Research
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Relationship Research Process Overview

A Strategic Process that Achieves Results
Building better business relationships is an ongoing developmental process over time, usually requiring at least two to three years or more. Building sustainable relationships is not accomplished overnight. Trust, respect and loyalty have to be earned over time. This is especially true if a relationship has not been healthy in the past or is currently troubled.

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"Failure is Not an Option"
To be successful in business, project teams, work groups and entire organizations rely on productive relationships between highly motivated people working collaboratively to achieve common objectives and, at a strategic level, achieve shared goals and vision over time.

Projects, groups and even entire organizations can and do fail when:

  • Relationships are not strong
  • There is little interdependency and people are not close
  • When they don't plan together or share strategies and common goals
  • When there is mistrust and hidden agendas
  • Where communications break down or are broken

From new product launches that never get off the ground to space satellites that crash into Mars, from airports that don't get completed to mergers that unravel, we have all seen the aftermath of failed relationships and the huge price that is paid by all involved.

Research-Driven Relationship Improvement Leads to Business Success
Central to building sustainable business success is the development and strengthening of strategic, collaborative high-quality relationships with all key constituencies. GuideStar has developed specialized research methods and a strategic process that have been highly effective in bringing about measurable improvements in business relationships and organizational success.

Proprietary Measurement, Diagnostic and Analytic Methods
For more than a decade, GuideStar psychologists and consultants have been developing, refining and practicing the application of specialized relationship quality measures, diagnosing and analyzing the critical dimensions of specific relationships and making tactical and strategic recommendations for improving our client's relationships and business outcomes.

Relationship Professionals Who Achieve Results
GuideStar's professional staff and associates, many of whom are Ph.D. psychologists with years of experience researching, analyzing and consulting on relationship improvement, work together as a team engaged in each client's relationship improvement needs.

One staff professional is designated as a managing director and point person to work with each client. The managing director will use GuideStar's internal and external resources as required to serve the client's needs in improving a specific relationship.


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