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Post-Meeting MPP Sample Survey Questionnaire
(National Sales Meeting - Pharmaceutical Company)

Your participation in this confidential survey will enable the company team who developed the meeting and company leadership to learn how well the meeting achieved its objectives; specifically, how well it met your needs for information, training and development, its effectiveness in motivating you to achieve your professional goals and the goals of the company and how well it strengthened the bonds between people and built an inspired spirit within the sales organization.

Your individual responses will be kept confidential by GuideStar Research, the independent research firm engaged by the company to conduct this survey. Findings will be reported in group summary form only.

If you are interrupted and cannot complete the survey, you may return at a later date to complete it. The survey will be available until the deadline at the end of January. If you have any questions or technical difficulties with this survey, please contact GuideStar via e-mail at [Insert Support Email Address]