Internal Help Desk Support Survey

Thank you for participating in this confidential survey. The purpose of the survey is to provide our Help Desk with your feedback so that they can serve you better.

Your responses will be used for group summary reports only. No individual responses will be reported and anything that you say is completely confidential.

Please answer the following questions about your experiences with the Help Desk Support (including telephone support and desk-side support) that you have received in the past year.

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Overall Satisfaction with Internal Technical Support

Rate the overall quality of the technical support services you have received from the IT Help Desk Services during the past six months.

Would you say that the quality of technical support you have received over the past six months has:

Experiences with Internal Technical Support

Looking back at your last technical support request and how it was handled, how satisfied are you:
Very Satisfied Satisfied Neutral/Not sure Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied
With the tech support engineer's ability to resolve your problem within a reasonable timeframe?
That the tech support engineer followed up on unresolved problems?
With the tech support engineer's attitude of putting the customer's needs first?
With the quality of of problem-solving when calling for notebook support?
With your desktop telephone features and functions?
With your voice mail features and functions?
That you have computer equipment that is appropriate for your needs?
With the availability of the network?
Withe the success rate of remote access?

Please describe the most consistent problems you have with technical support service requests about hardware and/or software problems you encounter:

Please describe the most consistent problems you have with technical support service requests about system problems you encounter (network, Internet/Intranet, e-mail, etc.):

Contacting Technical Support

Did you get to the right person with the expertise to address your issue on your initial call?

Please give us your comments and suggestions on how Acterna could improve the quality of technical support it provides to better meet your needs.

How do you feel about the following statements?
Strongly Agree Agree Neutral/Not sure Disagree Strongly Disagree
I can always get clear information about the status of my issue on which work is being done.
Urgent problems are treated with priority and fixed quickly.
I rarely have a problem with the same thing after support people have fixed it.
I have to aggessively manage my service issue or I won't get the service I need.
I am notified in advance of system shanges that affect me.

Have you used resources outside of the company's help desk support staff to help you with problems you were having with company computers, software, e-mail, network, Intranet or Internet? If so, which of the following? (Select all that apply)

Your Job

Which country do you work in?

What type of compamy computer do you use, and in what location(s)?

Please identify the area of the company in which you work.

Your position in the company:

Thank you for completing our Internal Help Desk Survey

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