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360 Feedback ORC
Drill-Down ORC Interface for Continuous Survey Reporting
GuideStar has designed an ORC specifically for analyzing and reporting results of 360 Feedback Surveys.

The 360 ORC accommodates any size program, from a small number of groups and raters to thousands of groups and tens of thousands of raters domestically or internationally in multiple languages.

Because of the tight Integration with GuideStar's EMMS, participant group completion rates can be evaluated on a pre-set schedule and non-responder reminders sent automatically to group members. Managers who are being rated can receive periodic response rate reports for their group of raters overall.

Your survey administrator can assign passwords and restrict user access selectively to assure that 360 facilitators can only access the 360 data to which they have permission.

Facilitators can access real-time data, so reports can be created in the ORC as soon as the survey deadline is reached or a group has reached its response rate goal. Facilitators can easily print individual reports for each group from the ORC including all open-end comments.

GuideStar staff has consultants at a Ph.D. level with experience in designing, administering and facilitating 360 Feedback programs. They can consult and assist you with any and all phases of the process as needed.

Request a Live Tour of a GuideStar ORC or call 212-426-2333).
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