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This powerful tool enables users to create advanced reports to meet their needs for more sophisticated data analysis. The Advanced Report Template enables users to run cross-tab reports, conduct gap analyses and other, advanced data analyses.

Cross-tab reporting - Examines the responses of two questions compared to each other in a matrix format, which reveals an "if - then" relationship. An example of a cross-tab report is one which compares the results of two survey multiple-choice content questions compared with each other.

A cross-tab analysis can also be run to compare the results one multiple-choice question with the results of an open-comment question. This enables the user to view the comments of those people who gave a specific rating on the multiple-choice question.

For example, you might want to see how satisfaction levels on one item (e.g., pricing or job satisfaction) are related to satisfaction ratings given for another item (such as value or compensation):

Or, you might want to sort the actual written comments given by respondents about pricing or about job satisfaction by the satisfaction ratings they gave on multiple-choice questions that ask about satisfaction level in that specific area:

Gap Analysis Reporting
Gap Analysis calculates the difference between a rating of one or more attributes (questions) on a survey by two dimensions. A typical gap analysis examines the gap between ratings of satisfaction and importance.

In a customer survey, a gap analysis might be conducted on a set of product or service attributes such as quality, reliability, price, features, etc.

In an employee survey, a gap analysis might be conducted on a set of employee benefits such as dimensions of a health insurance program or other benefits. Here's an example:

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