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Basic Report Template
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Advanced Report Templates
Report Templates
The Basic Report Template is a very powerful, flexible tool for "slicing and dicing" and displaying response data in an almost limitless variety of combinations.
  • Date Ranges - Can be selected to analyze survey results from one or more time periods; years, quarters, weeks, days, etc. and compare trends over time as desired.
  • Questions - Any question or combination of questions can be selected for a report to analyze results from one question or to compare the results of one or more questions with others.
  • Geographic Segments - results can be selected for world regions, countries and areas within countries to analyze results from a single geography or to compare them to other geographies.
  • Responder Segments - Results can be selected by types of customers, levels of employees, functional areas, virtually any segment for which data has been collected or provided by a client in the database about a survey population. Segment results can be examined individually or compared with other segments.

Display Options - Graphs and Data Tables
  • Graph Options - Select from a variety of graph types to display their selected data; horizontal and vertical bar charts, stacked bars, area and line graphs, pie charts, scatter plots and many more. Pop-up messages provide you with guidance on which graph is most appropriate to use to illustrate different types of survey results.
  • Color palette choices provide users with a wide choice of colors to display their selected graph reports.
  • Saving Reports in the ORC - The report Preview window shows the graphs and tables you created for your report. Once previewed, the report can be modified until you're satisfied, and then it can be saved. When a new user saves his or her first report, the ORC automatically creates a stored report folder for the user's reports. All reports saved by the user after that will be saved in his report folder.
  • Advanced Graphics - Desktop Graphic Toolbar - Enhance the ORC's default graphics by using a desktop graphic toolbar that gives you the ability to go beyond the basic ORC graphic choice options with additional color choices, graphs and layouts. Save reports created with "advanced graphics" on your computer or in a desktop application for use any time in the future.

Statistics Report Options
Select the types of statistics you wish to display in their reports from counts and frequencies to mean averages. Choose to show all values in the questions, positive values only, negative values only, collapsed scales showing positive, neutral and negative values, and other value combinations.

Choose to show data as a graph only, a data table only, or to show both graphs and data tables in their report.

Print Graphs and Reports
Very easy. Simply click the printer icon or right click in the report preview window and select Print. The report prints as shown on the screen and in color if directed to a color printer.

E-Mail Reports
Very easy. Simply click the e-mail icon and send the report.

Share Reports
Very easy. Saved reports can be shared by any ORC user with the same level, or a higher level, of data access permission.

Copy to MS Word, Excel of PowerPoint
Very easy. Simply use the "copy" icon or "open in a new browser window" icon and then paste into the MS application.

Save Reports
Very easy. Simply use the "save" icon or select the General Info tab to enter the report name, descriptive information if desired and save the report.
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