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Drill-Down ORC Interface for Continuous Survey Reporting
GuideStar's ORC interface with "drill down" architecture is specifically designed for analyzing and reporting results of continuous surveys.

GuideStar's Drill-Down ORC interface architecture enables users to "drill down" deeply into the data, to go from a macro to a micro view at the click of a mouse; for example, to drill down to individual call center and technician results, customer account and individual customer results, individual product group and product results, individual country and district results - any data set that is hierarchically structured.

The Drill-Down ORC serves the needs of users who require quick access to a specific set of survey results such as key account data, customer care call center scores and comparisons, consultant engagements, distributor service satisfaction, individual product users and product satisfaction comparisons, healthcare facilities and technical support call centers.

The Drill-Down ORC can present scorecard reports on a wide variety of employees to assist management in employee appraisal, performance improvement and development such as tech support technicians, sales executives and customer relationship managers.

Continuous Surveys
Continuous Survey programs can be used for a variety of purposes such as tracking and assisting in the improvement of the transactional experience and overall relationship customers have with an organization. Continuous survey programs measure a great variety of customer experiences from technical support call center service to hospital healthcare service.

Because of the high frequency and relatively large quantity of these types of transactions, these survey programs deliver daily, even hourly, email survey invitations to a selected percentage of customers from the pool of customers who have received recent service.

Clients will typically set up a continuous data feed of the records of the customers served into GuideStar's Email Message Management System Rules in the EMMS will determine which customers, when and how often the EMMS should send a survey invitation.

Real-time survey response data from continuous surveys are available to GuideStar clients 24/7. Clients can examine trends and changes in satisfaction levels in detail for any time period, any group or individual and respond as quickly as necessary. E-mail alert messages about very dissatisfied customers give GuideStar clients the opportunity to respond within hours if necessary in critical situations where the company might be "at risk" of losing a customer.

GuideStar's Drill-Down ORC can be customized for individual clients and survey needs.

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