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Wide Variety of Question Types
  • Single selection (Choose One) - Radio button, dropdown or list box
  • Multiple selection (Choose All That Apply) - Check boxes
  • Rank order
  • Gap analysis - Multiple question dual tables
  • Fill in the blank
  • Fill in the number (with numeric validation)
  • Essay question - multi-line text box
  • Response validations
  • Contact information formatted text boxes
Versatile Functionality
  • Skip patterns
  • Branching - Complex branching with Boolean (and/or) logic
  • Piping from answers to questions - Incorporating previous answers into new questions
  • Piping from answers to answers - Incorporating previous answers into choice list or text prompt items
  • Multi-page and single-page surveys
  • Incorporate images, sounds and video
  • Custom color schemes and backgrounds
  • Randomized choice lists
  • Infusion of data from tables - pre-population of responses
  • Save and continue later
  • Contingent choices - dynamically change choice lists based on the answers to previous questions
  • Automatic question drilldown - Populate topics dynamically in a table based on a previous choice selection
  • Alert triggers* - Send e-mail notifications based on the answer to one or more questions
  • Alert triggers - Set thank you page based on answers
  • Section 508 compliance - html to assist respondents with disabilities
  • Multi-language buttons, java script validations and spell checking
Survey & Response Management
  • User ID and password security
  • Hidden fields for passing user IDs and other information
  • Automatic thank you page display upon submission
  • Start & stop survey date controls
  • Duplication control through unique user identification
  • Duplication control through cookies
Real-Time Response Collection
  • Auto-table creation
  • Auto-populate - each response is added to the database with each submit
  • Infusion - data from other tables infused in open or hidden fields
  • Internet survey data collection - results populate SQLServer
  • E-mail collection - results via e-mail are imports directly to web-based database
  • Palm collection - results from palm version of survey imported to web-based database
  • Paper, telephone - results from paper/telephone imported to web-based database
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