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GuideStar's exclusive Online Report Center (ORC) system provides secure, real-time, online reporting facilities for accessing and analyzing survey results and creating great looking reports. With the ORC, you can easily "slice and dice" data, drill down into the data and design reports in a variety of graphic formats.

ORC technology gives you:
  • A timely, reliable way to access and disseminate survey results
  • The power to quickly respond to business opportunities and challenges in real-time
  • A painless way to organize your survey results into reports that specifically address your business priorities in a meaningful, easy-to-read style.

Use the ORC facilities with intuitive report building interfaces to extensively analyze survey results. You can build basic and advanced reports for both Periodic Surveys and Continuous Surveys. Drill-down interfaces make it easy to report on survey results for selected individual accounts, call centers, distributors, healthcare clinics, products or any other grouping.

A specialized ORC interface is designed for reporting 360 Feedback Survey results with just a few mouse clicks.

The Deep DialogSM ORC interface displays relationship scorecard reports and analyses for any size group or organization.

All ORC reports can be saved, printed, shared and sent via e-mail. You can, of course, also copy reports into many software applications including Microsoft Office -- Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Best of all, no special software is required - nothing to install, purchase or configure. All you need is a Web browser and the powerful efficiency and versatility of GuideStar survey technology is available at your fingertips, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

GuideStar ORC System Facilities
The ORC System is comprised of a group of specialized stand-alone online report centers, each with its own report building architecture designed to meet the needs of a particular type of relationship survey.
  • Periodic Survey ORC
  • Continuous Survey ORC
  • 360 Feedback Survey ORC
  • Deep Dialog Scorecard ORC
  • Meeting Productivity Process (MPP)
Live ORC Tour Requests
Request a live tour of a GuideStar ORC or call 212-426-2333.
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