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Open-End Questions
Answers to open-end comment questions provide important additional information that enriches data analysis while providing respondents the opportunity to express themselves as they wish. These comments are literally the voice of the customer, employee, etc.

Respondents have the opportunity, in their own words, to explain "why" they responded to a multiple-choice question the way they did, or to offer suggestions for improvement. Respondents' comments provide important insights into their feelings and perceptions on a survey topic.

GuideStar's ORC offers powerful options for reporting and analyzing open-end question survey results, all of which can be filtered by geography and respondent segment.

ORC users can build reports based on:
  • Verbatim comments reported by individual question
  • Keyword and key-phrase searches by question
  • Content analysis - an analysis of the underlying themes found in the verbatim comments. The report is displayed in a table displaying the most frequently mentioned themes at the top to the least frequently mentioned at the bottom of the table. Counts and percentages are show for each theme so the user can analyze the weight of each theme and interpret its importance.
For multi-language surveys, each comment displayed is shown with a flag identifying the comment's country of origin. Translation of native-language comments into English can be provided upon request.
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