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EMMS Delivers Personalized Messages
  • Personalized survey announcements, invitations and reminder messages can be merged with demographic databases to include personal names, titles, company names, specific products, service issue identification, dates, locations, etc. -- any information that is important in creating a more personalized, relevant message in any language.
  • Attachments and embedded images such as a company logo are easily included.
  • Different segments within the population can receive different versions of the same message.
  • Test mailings of different incentives and messages are easily accomplished and tracked using EMMS rules.

  • HTML messages are delivered simultaneously with default, plain text messages for e-mail programs that don't support HTML.
Track Individual Participants
GuideStar creates a unique hidden code for each individual in the database of prospective survey participants, the invitees. Each code is tracked and captured in the response record of each survey participant. These codes are used for a variety of purposes:
  • Determine who has participated in the survey so that reminder messages are sent only to non-responders.

  • Determine if multiple submissions occurred using the same hidden ID code
  • Determine if an alert message is required to enable EMMS to identify the correct person in the client organization to whom the alert should be sent.
  • Enable analyses and reporting of survey responses by key demographic segments.
Options for Opt-Out, Name Changes, Additions and Redirects
Survey invitations and reminders include an "update" link, which provides invitees the opportunity to redirect their invitation to another person in their organization, to request changes in their contact information, recommend others in their organization to whom a survey invitation should be sent or to opt-out of the survey.

EMMS automatically tags "remove requests" in the invitation database so that no subsequent survey messages are sent to those individuals.

Spam Controls
GuideStar messages conform to the highest standards of legitimate Internet e-mail by using real return addresses, proper identification of messages and opt-out options.

GuideStar messages are pre-tested using the leading spam filters in a "best effort" to ensure that message language and system information do not trigger spam filter programs. EMMS operates in a closed server, closed relay environment with a fixed IP address. IP address blacklists are reviewed frequently to ensure that GuideStar is in good standing throughout the Internet.

"Bounce-Backs" (Undeliverable E-mail Addresses)
EMMS automatically identifies, categorizes and prepares a database of bounce-backs for return to you for corrections. Daily "bounce-back" database deliveries to an e-mail address you specify in your organization can be set up in advance within the EMMS. If desired, corrected e-mail addresses can be introduced into the survey invitation and reminder message cycle.

Non-Responder Reminder Messages
No wants to receive e-mail that's not relevant to them. EMMS is programmed to sort survey responders from non-responders so that, as a courtesy to those who have already responded, reminder messages are only sent to non-responders.

You can also opt to send "thank you" messages, a summary of findings, reports and other forms and messages through the EMMS.

Real-Time Invitation and Response Tracking Can Increase Response Rates
By tracking individual survey visits, progress through key question sets, early exits and completions, an accurate analysis of responses to the invitation message and the questionnaire can be attained.

These analyses provide insight into message effectiveness and questionnaire structure that can be altered during the course of a survey to increase response rates.

EMMS rules can be programmed to send an auto-alert e-mail message to a designated representative in your organization when a survey respondent makes a special request, such as a "contact me" or "send me information" request.

Respond Quickly to Customers At-Risk
EMMS rules can identify a respondent, or group of respondents, who shows a specific pattern of negative responses on certain key questions that would indicate an extremely dissatisfied customer or customer at risk. At-Risk Alerts enable GuideStar clients to quickly contact unhappy customers to begin working with them collaboratively to solve their problem or issue, improve their satisfaction level as well as the overall relationship.

Alert Messages Help Build Better Relationships
Alert messages provide GuideStar clients the opportunity to preserve and strengthen their relationships with individuals by demonstrating responsiveness and concern for the individual participant's needs. The survey itself becomes a means of constructive dialogue in the ongoing relationship between the people in the client organization and the people that matter most to their success.

Alert messages contain, when permitted by the respondent, the respondent's contact information and their full survey responses.

GuideStar Assists with your List Maintenance
Post-survey, cleaned and updated invitee and responder lists are provided to clients to help in your important list-maintenance efforts.
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