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Performance, Scalability, Security, Backup and Disaster Recovery
In addition to providing you with sophisticated, targeted research methods, we also rise to the critical challenge of protecting your organization's data. GuideStar servers are hosted at one of the leading hosting companies in North America providing state-of-the-art equipment and extensive disaster recovery plans that ensure your data is protected, secure - AND available.

  • Latest Dedicated Servers (renewed every 2 years)
  • Windows 2008 Server R2 Operating System
  • Tivoli Backup - Daily Incremental
  • Tivoli Backup - Weekly Full Backup
  • Managed, Dedicated Hardware Firewall
  • MS SQL 2008 R2 Database
  • SSL Support for Secure Administration - SSL System-Wide Security
  • GuideStar Extensible, Customizable Online Report Center (ORC)
  • GuideStar Email Message Management System (EMMS)
    Certified MCSE, RHCE and CCIE technicians and engineers monitor servers, network status and connectivity to Internet backbone providers. Disaster recovery is estimated at no more than 4 hours.

    Total available bandwidth is in excess of 7 gigabytes per second, multi-gigabit switched core network backbone, fibre Ethernet connections to the Internet via two leading IP transit carriers.

    Redundant Systems
    Cisco routers, switches and sub-master switches, a power system with three diesel fueled emergency generators in addition to the regular grid electrical power for continuous operations assure that GuideStar's servers operate 24/7.

    Physical Security
    A combination of dedicated security personnel and the latest CCTV camera system provide a true round-the-clock monitoring of the interior and exterior of the facility. Access to the data center is limited to authorized personnel and is strictly enforced by electronic access cards, biometric badges and security guards.

    Individual servers are each connected to a UPS, protected by a fire suppression system and multiple air conditioning systems. There is redundant cooling in all areas to protect temperature sensitive equipment as well as critical fire detection and suppression systems. Remote and local monitoring of electrical, mechanical and emergency support systems is continuous.

    Security Management
    The security of your network transmissions are of utmost importance to GuideStar. Our host has matched this priority with heavy investments in network security designed to override service interruptions due to accidental or hacking incidents.

    Network Operations
    State-of-the-art Network Operations Centers incorporate redundant hardware to enable high data transmission capacity. Our host's data center features multiple Gigabit Ethernet connections to the Internet via diverse entries, diverse paths, and diverse POPs through four of the world's leading IP transit carriers.

    Data Center
    The data center is designed for scalability, security, and technical superiority. A team of certified technicians staffs the center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to manage and maintain our Internet solutions.
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