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Deliver a Deeper, Richer Yield of Information than Traditional Surveys Dynamically Customized for Each Respondent A Unique Dialog with Each Respondent Exploratory, Clarifying Question Sequences Dig Deeper

GuideStar SMART Questionnaires establish a new state-of-the-art standard for survey questionnaires. They go beyond just collecting respondents' ratings and comments using a "one-size-fits-all" questionnaire for survey respondents.

SMART Questionnaires conduct an interactive dialog with each respondent as survey questions are answered. This assures that your respondents have optimum opportunity to communicate and clarify their views.

SMART Questionnaires are programmed to recognize each respondent, personalize their survey questions, and, based on their responses, dynamically follow up with even more specific questions to probe and clarify an individual respondent's reasons behind his or her initial responses.

SMART Questionnaires deliver a deeper, richer yield of focused information - much more so than traditional, less probative questionnaires. New, deeper insights and understandings are gained using GuideStar's SMART Questionnaires.

SMART Questionnaires enhance your relationship with a respondent by conducting a deeper level of dialogue, attempting to truly understand what is behind the ratings. Respondents become aware, as they are completing the survey, that the questionnaire is seeking to acquire a deeper level of knowledge. They appreciate your interest in learning more and being given the opportunity to explain the reasons behind their ratings.

SMART Questionnaires also enhance the respondent's ability to complete surveys at their convenience by taking advantage of the "Save and Return" function. Respondents can choose to save their responses in a partially completed questionnaire and return at a later time to complete the survey.
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