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Enterprise-wide, multi-survey programs that continuously collect data year-round from a complex, multi-segmented, multi-language, large customer population demonstrate the range and versatility of the EMMS. Here are some ways you can use EMMS to enhance your research efforts:
  • Continuous Surveys - Often continuous, such as "closed issue" technical support call center satisfaction survey programs, customer care call center survey programs and product satisfaction (sent with every shipped product) survey programs.

    If desired, your datastream can feed directly into the EMMS, which is programmed with rules for selectively balancing and delivering invitations and reminder messages to the right people, groups and segments within your target population. EMMS is the perfect solution whether you're conducting a single survey program or a multi-survey, enterprise-wide survey system with as many as five or more concurrent surveys.

  • Periodic Surveys - Periodic surveys that track progress over time of the improvements of your relationship with one or more important groups such as customers, employees, wholesalers and partner networks.

    Periodic survey programs begin with a baseline survey to establish a "baseline" of satisfaction, loyalty, quality of relationship and other index and attribute rating levels. Periodic quarterly, semi-annual, annual or bi-annual surveys use a combination of benchmark and new questions to analyze improvement trends in the rating levels.

    Typically, a relationship survey produces refined learning and understanding over time about the key drivers in a given relationship. As a result, the questionnaire is often updated between survey periods to incorporate the new findings and to respond to any changes in the organization or its business that might affect people's views such as a merger, reorganization, product or service goals, etc.
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