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EMMS Rules
Give You Precise Message Management and Prevention of "Over-Surveying"
EMMS can be programmed to select survey prospects to invite from within your database and send invitations and reminders based on a set of rules exclusive to your needs. Rules are developed during the survey design phase.

EMMS rules serve a number of important purposes:
  • Preventing "survey fatigue," or over-surveying of a specific population, by limiting the number of survey invitations that can be delivered to an individual within a set time period (such as twice a year) and balancing invitations among multiple surveys according to set priorities.
  • Assuring that survey invitations are automatically delivered at the right time, such as two weeks after a product has been delivered or after a training session has been completed.
  • Assuring that invitations and messages for all surveys have rules governing message delivery that can be quickly updated as needed to respond to changing circumstances.
EMMS rules:
  • Date/time and series-based rules - specific dates can be pre-set instructing the EMMS to send messages to certain people who meet pre-identified criteria, such as people who have received a product within the last 30 - 60 days.
  • Event-based rules - specific events can trigger the EMMS to send invitations. For example, you might want to send an invitation every time a a technical support call center technician closes a support issue.
  • Multi-survey check rules - rules can be set for different surveys operating within the same customer population. This assures that none of your customers receive a survey invitation from any of the on-going surveys more than once in a pre-set time period, such as once a quarter.
  • Sample size and segment rules - rules can be set based on the sample size and number of responses desired for individual segments. This helps achieve adequate, stratified sample sizes for analysis. When quotas are reached, the EMMS can be programmed to stop sending invitations to a given group. This helps reduce "survey fatigue" and preserves the freshness of the sample population for future surveys.
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