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GuideStar Research ascribes to the worldwide standards for survey data privacy that are embodied in the ethical codes of professional associations such as the American Statistical Association and the American Association for Public Opinion Research, and in the European Union Data Privacy Directive.
  • All of the surveys conducted by GuideStar Research include an introductory section that explains the purpose of the survey in simple, easy to read language. When practical, this is done in the recipient's native language. In keeping with generally accepted standards, we believe that the instructions for completing surveys should provide sufficient information for potential respondents to make informed decisions about whether or not they want to participate in the survey.

  • Unless otherwise specified and explicitly agreed to by respondents, all survey responses are confidential. The identity of survey respondents is not associated with their responses unless they give us consent to do so. At GuideStar Research, we believe this consent should be provided either as an "opt-in" (agreeing to release the information) or as an "opt-out" (identity disclosed unless the respondent declines).

  • All summary data released to the companies that contract our services are reviewed carefully to minimize the risk of statistical disclosure. Statistical disclosure can occur when small segments of the survey data can be viewed in such great detail that individual responses may be identified (e.g., identifying the only senior legal counsel within a particular division of a company by presenting results by division and job title).

  • GuideStar Research does not use personally identifiable information for any purpose other than as specified on the surveys that respondents complete. We do not use this information for marketing purposes nor do we provide it to any third party marketers.

  • Data files that are shared with authorized representatives of the companies that contract for the research are cleaned to remove all personal identifiers prior to release of the data.

  • All personally identifiable data collected by GuideStar Research are kept on a secure server with password access available only to employees or contractors of GuideStar Communications who are both directly involved in the analysis of the data and who have signed non-disclosure agreements that specify the confidentiality of the data.

  • All GuideStar Research reports are explicitly labeled as confidential to our client companies. Reports of findings are not shared with third parties without the express consent of authorized individuals within the organization that contracted the research.
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