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Everything we do is focused on helping you build strong, engaged relationships with the people who matter most to your business success; your employees, customers and partners.

GuideStar is a full-service strategic research and consulting firm specializing in organizational effectiveness. Our consultants and analysts, primarily Ph.D. organizational psychologists, will combine leading-edge technology, engagement measurement and proprietary analytics with personal research expertise to provide you with a clear, comprehensive understanding of the strategic challenges your business faces.

Learn how you can have an impact on people and how relationships high on engagement can strengthen your bottom line.
Learn what people REALLY FEEL -- what they THINK -- what they WANT and NEED
Customer Engagement Surveys and NPS Employee Engagement Research 
Partner Network Engagement Surveys 360 Leadership and Manager Programs 
Deep DialogSM Collaboration Audits Meeting Results Measurement Services
Call Center Satisfaction Surveys Internal Communications Audits
    Meeting ROE (Return on Event)
GuideStar Government Services
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DeepDialog Relationship Audits – Online Demo
Measure Relationship Quality between Key Groups
Quickly rate the 12 Relationship Drivers and Deficits
Scores Explain Relationship Strengths/Weaknesses
University Proven, Validated Methodology
Highly Predictive of Relationship Success or Failure
Inexpensive 1-2 week Online Audits for any Size Group
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Everything we do is focused on helping you build better business relationships. GuideStar is a full-service research firm specializing in employee and customer attitude surveys. Each research project is managed by a GuideStar consultant or analyst, primarily Ph.D organizational or social psychologists, who combine leading-edge technology, proprietary relationship measurement and analytical tools with personal research expertise. The end result: You get a clear, comprehensive understanding of the quality of your relationships with the people who matter most to your business -- as well as strategic guidance and actionable recommendations for that will help move your business ahead.